CW3E Welcomes Dr. Jorge Baño-Medina

April 14, 2023

Jorge Baño-Medina joined CW3E’s subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) team as a Postdoctoral Scholar in April 2023. He graduated with a Ph.D. from the Climate and Data Science Department at the University of Santander in 2021. Prior to CW3E, his main research focused on exploring the benefits and limitations of deep neural networks to downscale global climate simulations, producing century-length high-resolution fields of precipitation and temperature for a variety of emission scenarios. Also, he evaluated the suitability of deep learning topologies to emulate regional climate models, and he aimed to produce high-resolution fields of fire-related indices.

At CW3E, Jorge’s research interests are centered on analyzing the potential of machine learning to improve sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts of precipitation and temperature over the western United States as compared to current operational tools. Jorge is also keenly interested in exploring diverse research topics such as fire danger, climate change, and explainable artificial intelligence.