CW3E Welcomes Rosy Luna Niño

November 22, 2022

Rosy is a postdoctoral scholar whose research includes regional modeling, weather events, interannual variability, climate change, as well as their regional and local impacts. Her work has explored the dynamic of the winter phenomena: subtropical jet stream, cold fronts, winds in the Gulf of Mexico (Nortes), and their future climate projections for the 21st century. During her Ph.D. and previous collaborations, Rosy has also studied the dynamical models WRF and RegCM, to better understand and simulate regional and local processes like winter precipitation and intense winds in Mexico (Nortes, Tehuanos). Her initial work at CW3E/Scripps focuses on the statistical seasonal climate and hydrology – precipitation, temperature, streamflow – prediction for the Western US related as well as investigating the role of Atmospheric Rivers in our varying and changing hydroclimate.