CW3E Welcomes Sarah Burnett

July 19, 2023

Sarah Burnett joined CW3E as a field researcher on July 17, 2023. Earlier in the year, Sarah worked part-time with the Field Team, releasing weather balloons and measuring stream water flow to make observations of the atmospheric rivers hitting the west coast. Sarah earned a B.S. in physics in 2019 and an MA in physics education in 2020 from Stanford University. While at Stanford, she interned at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, testing an algorithm to model optical distortions of the Dark Energy Camera. After graduating, she taught introductory physics at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA, and became a Knowles Teaching Fellow to advance her teaching practice. As a teacher, Sarah focused on Universal Design for Learning to make the curriculum accessible and useful to a diverse set of students. At CW3E, Sarah will continue assisting with observations of stream flow and precipitation, as well as data management and analysis. In her free time, Sarah can be found practicing piano, painting, and yoga.