International Naval Officers Visit to Hear from Scripps Researchers

January 23, 2020

In January, Scripps personnel Tashiana Osborne (CW3E graduate student), Dr. Fiammetta Straneo (physical oceanographer and professor), and Dr. Jeff Bowman (biological oceanographer and assistant professor) presented research to a group of visiting senior naval officers. The delegation, comprising of 60 high-ranking naval officers from around the world, joined as part of a Naval Command College (NCC) program. The NCC program is designed to build and strengthen cooperation between the U.S. Navy and international navies.

Every year, nominated representatives from over 40 countries attend the residential program based in Newport, Rhode Island. The 11-month experience “…is designed to build trust, confidence, and cooperation between American and international officers.” It centers on developing strategic planning skills and gaining “…understanding of American government, human rights, and the role of the free press and free market”. To do so, representatives complete both formal courses and field studies involving out-of-area trips like the Scripps visit.

Prior to their visit, the delegation requested presentations focused on the oceans and atmosphere in a changing climate. Scripps personnel were honored to fulfill this request and interact with a diverse team of decorated leaders.

During the visit, Osborne presented on atmospheric rivers and extreme weather events in a current and future climate. She also highlighted CW3E efforts to work between research, private, and government sectors. Bowman shared about ocean expeditions and research insights from MOSAiC: Modern Oceanography and the Changing Arctic Ocean, on which he serves as a team lead. Straneo spoke on drivers and consequences of rapidly melting ice in Greenland. She shared experiences during field campaigns she has led, emphasizing the value of observations when it comes to understanding interactions between polar ice, oceans, and the atmosphere.

Before leaving campus for the day, the naval delegation toured the Scripps Pier. Of their visit, the group had to say: “The visit was truly rewarding and contributed significantly towards accomplishing our academic objectives for the trip.”

International senior naval officers and NCC personnel including NCC Director Captain Kevin McGowan and Captain William Shipp, joined by Scripps presenters, Osborne and Straneo (PC: Brandi Bangle).