LA Times: Focus on ARs and CW2-ACAPEX

January 19, 2015

Photo by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times: Sunset through clouds over Los Angeles

A recent LA Times article “California drought could end with storms known as atmospheric rivers” highlighted the importance of ARs to California’s water status and the start of the CalWater2 – ACAPEX field campaign (article by Tony Barboza). This article provides an excellent summary of the role of ARs in California’s water supply – from drought to flood. It emphasizes that ARs are known to have a strong link to ending droughts (article by CW3E researcher Mike Dettinger, Journal of Hydrometeorology). As well as highlighting the importance of ARs the article mentions the effort to better understand ARs with the massive data collection effort undergoing now by university and government scientists in CalWater2 – ACAPEX. Find more information about CW2-ACAPEX here.