CW3E Welcomes Dr. Liza Diaz-Issac

Atmospheric Rivers: Recent Developments and Applications in California

CW3E Outreach at Local Elementary School

Graduate Student Tashiana Osborne Represents UCSD at the California State Capitol

CW3E Welcomes Dr. Zhenhai Zhang

CW3E Launches Radiosonde with Potter Valley Elementary School Students

CW3E Welcomes Dr. Minghua Zheng

CW3E Participates in Water in the West: A Science Policy Roundtable

CW3E partners with California Department of Water Resources, California Geological Survey, US Geological Survey, and the Western Regional Climate Center to assess post-fire debris flow hazards in northern California

Congressional Briefing on “A New Frontier in Water Operations: Atmospheric Rivers, Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Predictions and Weather Forecasting Technology”