Congratulations to Dr. Lamjiri – CW3E Graduate Student Successfully Defends Dissertation

September 10, 2019

The first CW3E PhD student has successfully defended her dissertation. Dr. Maryam Lamjiri’s defense was held on Thursday, September 5. Her dissertation title is “Characteristics, Origins, and Recent Trends in Extreme Precipitation in the United States Including the Role of Atmospheric Rivers,” and includes two chapters published in peer-review journals (Lamjiri et al., 2017; Lamjiri et al., 2018), and one currently under review at the Journal of Hydrometeorology. Maryam’s committee members were Marty Ralph (Chair), Adrian Borsa, Jan Kleissl, Joel Norris, Michael Dettinger, and Shang Ping Xie.

Maryam has been selected to participate in the Insight Data Science Fellowship program in Los Angeles. Her future plans are to pursue job opportunities in the field of data science and to explore potential applications of machine learning in hydrometeorology.

CW3E is incredibly proud of Maryam’s accomplishment!

Maryam Lamjiri defending her dissertation.

The traditional Scripps Institution of Oceanography post-defense celebration at Surfside.

Lamjiri, M.A., M.D. Dettinger, F.M. Ralph, and B. Guan, (2017). Hourly Storm Characteristics along the U.S. West Coast: Role of Atmospheric Rivers in Extreme Precipitation. Geophysical Research Letters, 44. doi:10.1002/2017GL074193.

Lamjiri, M. A, Dettinger, M. D, Ralph, F. M, Oakley, N. S, & Rutz, J. J. (2018). Hourly Analyses of the Large Storms and Atmospheric Rivers that Provide Most of California’s Precipitation in Only 10 to 100 Hours per Year. San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science. , 16(4).