CW3E AR Update: 11 April 2017 Outlook

April 11, 2017

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AR Currently Impacting West Coast

  • An AR is currently impacting Northern CA producing widespread precipitation over the region
  • A second AR is forecast to merge with the current AR, prolonging AR conditions over Northern CA
  • .25 to .88 inches of precipitation has already fallen across portions of Northern CA with >2.5 inches forecasted for higher elevations
  • This event could produce enough precipitation to make water year 2017 the wettest year recorded by the Northern Sierra 8-station index

SSMI Integrated Water Vapor (IWV)

Valid 10-11 April 2017

Click IVT or IWV image to see loop of 0-51 hour GFS forecast

Valid 1200 UTC 11 April – 1500 UTC 11 April 2017

A second AR with a separate parent low-pressure system is forecast to merge with the current AR, which could prolong AR conditions over portions of Northern CA





Summary provided by C. Hecht and F.M. Ralph; 1 PM PT Tuesday 11 April 2017