CW3E AR Update: 15 January Outlook

January 15, 2019

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Two ARs forecast impact the US West Coast over the next six days

  • A moderate strength AR is expected to make landfall over the U.S. West Coast during 17-18 January.
  • This AR is expected to produce up to 10 inches of precipitation over the Sierra Nevada in 72 hours.
  • A second AR is expected to make landfall over the Pacific Northwest during 19-20 January.
  • An additional 1-2 inches of precipitation over CA and 4-5 inches of precipitation in WA and OR could be produced from the second AR.
  • Lake Mendocino storage levels are currently near the top of the Water Supply Pool and precipitation this week could push storage levels into the Flood Control Pool.

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Valid 1200 UTC 15 January – 1200 UTC 21 January 2019








Summary provided by B. Kawzenuk, J. Kalansky, and F. M. Ralph; 3 PM PT 15 January 2019