CW3E AR Update: 26 October 2022 Outlook

October 26, 2022

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Multiple Atmospheric Rivers to Bring Precipitation to the Pacific Northwest

  • Two atmospheric rivers (ARs) are forecast to move south along the British Columbia coast and bring AR conditions to the Pacific Northwest through the end of October
  • The first AR is forecast to make landfall on 27 Oct and bring AR 1 conditions (based on the Ralph et al. 2019 AR Scale) to coastal Washington and Oregon
  • There is substantial uncertainty in the timing, location, and duration of AR conditions with the potentially stronger second AR which is forecast to make landfall between 29 and 30 Oct
  • The 00Z ECMWF EPS is forecasting the second AR to make landfall earlier and bring stronger AR conditions to the Pacific Northwest
  • The National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is forecasting 3-6 inches of precipitation over the Coast Ranges of Washington and Oregon and the northern Cascades over the next 7 days
  • Precipitation associated with these ARs will help to improve severe drought conditions in the northern Coast Ranges and Cascades
  • The second AR may bring precipitation to the Willamette National Forest in Oregon this weekend and help with firefighting efforts at the Cedar Creek Fire

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Valid 0000 UTC 26 October – 1200 UTC 02 November 2022






Summary provided by S. Roj, S. Bartlett, C. Castellano, B. Kawzenuk, C. Hecht, N. Oakley, J. Kalansky and F. M. Ralph; 26 October 2022

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