CW3E AR Update: 8 January 2018 Outlook

January 8, 2018

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AR conditions currently bringing precipitation to the U.S. West Coast

  • The majority of the U.S. West Coast is currently experiencing AR conditions (IVT >250 kg m-1 s-1 and IWV >20 mm) and precipitation associated with these conditions
  • These conditions could lead to precipitation over the majority of CA and southwest OR for the next 36 hours with accumulations up to 7 inches over CA
  • An AR is expected to make landfall over the Pacific Northwest on 10 January 2018 and could produce up to 6 inches of precipitation over the Cascade Mountains

Click IVT or IWV image to see loop of 0-120 hour GFS forecast

Valid 1200 UTC 8 January – 1200 UTC 13 January 2018

NEXRAD Radar Imagery

0000 UTC – 1800 UTC 8 January 2018

CNRFC Observed Precipitation

Raw Data: 0635 UTC – 1835 UTC 8 January 2018

  • Precipitation began over CA around 0400 UTC 8 January
  • As of 1835 UTC 8 January, up to 1.65 inches of precipitation has been observed over coastal CA







Summary provided by B. Kawzenuk, J. Kalansky, and F.M. Ralph; 11 AM PT Monday 8 January 2018

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