CW3E Event Summary: 10-16 November 2021

November 17, 2021

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Atmospheric Rivers Produce Heavy Rainfall, Flooding, and Landslides in the Pacific Northwest

  • Multiple strong atmospheric rivers (ARs) impacted the Pacific Northwest between 10 Nov and 15 Nov
  • The first AR produced AR 3/AR 4 conditions (based on the Ralph et al. 2019 AR Scale) in coastal Oregon and southern coastal Washington
  • The second AR produced AR 4 conditions in coastal Washington and northern coastal Oregon
  • The intensification of a mesoscale frontal wave (MFW) led to a secondary pulse in moisture transport that prolonged the duration of the 2nd AR and brought borderline AR 5 conditions (max IVT > 1000 kg m−1 s−1; AR duration > 48 hours) to Tillamook County, OR
  • Parts of the Olympic Peninsula and Washington Cascades received more than 15 inches of total precipitation from these ARs
  • Heavy rain falling on moist soils led to widespread flooding and mudslides, particularly in northern Washington and southern British Columbia following the second AR landfall
  • Strong winds and flooding during the second AR also created dangerous travel conditions, downed numerous trees, and caused widespread power outages in western Washington

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Valid 0000 UTC 10 November – 0000 UTC 16 November 2021

MIMIC-TPW2 Total Precipitable Water

Valid 0000 UTC 10 November – 0000 UTC 16 November 2021












Summary provided by Chad Hecht, Chris Castellano, Shawn Roj, Brian Kawzenuk, Jay Cordeira, F.M. Ralph; 17 November 2021

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