CW3E Graduate Student Joins Astronaut Jessica Meir for Middle School Outreach Event

February 4, 2020

Eighth graders from two different middle schools visited Scripps for a morning of inspiration. A Birch Aquarium education fund supported the group of 150+ young students to learn about paths in science from astronaut and Scripps alumna Jessica Meir, and current graduate students.

To begin, middle school students interacted with a panel of Scripps graduate students including Tashiana Osborne (of CW3E), Anai Novoa, Kiefer Forsch, and Ivan Moreno. The PhD students shared how they became interested in science and how they’ve built on training and perseverance to push toward goals.

Scripps PhD student panel including Novoa, Forsch, Osborne, and Moreno (PC: Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego).

Afterward, Astronaut Jessica Meir called in from the International Space Station where she’s been stationed since September 2019. Meir earned her PhD in marine biology at Scripps in 2009. Most recently, she along with Astronaut Christina Koch, made history by completing the first series of all-female space walks. Meir is also recognized as the fourth Jewish woman on a Space Shuttle mission.

The eighth graders from Fulton Middle School and Memorial Preparatory for Scholars and Athletes participated in a question and answer session with Meir, where Meir shared her advice for following dreams and reaching the stars.

Meir’s quoted saying: “I think the most important thing to do is to make sure that you identify your passion and do what it is that you really care about. Once you’ve done that, you do have to work very hard to make those dreams come true.”

Astronaut Jessica Meir sharing from the International Space Station (PC: Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego).

Eighth grade visitors listening in on the graduate student panel and Q&A session with Astronaut Meir (PC: Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego).

Scripps Director Dr. Margaret Leinen, moderator and UCSD astrophysicist Dr. Brian Keating, and Osborne during the event. (PC: UC San Diego)

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