CW3E Personnel Greet Delegation Visiting from China

November 12, 2019

In mid-November, Douglas Alden (Lead Engineer) and Tashiana Osborne (CW3E graduate student) spoke with 40 members of a delegation visiting Scripps from China. The group consisted of personnel from the Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province and nearby research institutes. The visitors were part of a UC San Diego program coordinated by the Global Leadership Institute within the School for Global Policy and Strategy (GPS).

Osborne shared with the group through a presentation highlighting key CW3E research involving atmospheric rivers and Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO). Afterward, Alden guided the delegation through an informative tour of the Scripps Pier and meteorological instruments available for making observations. Presentations and conversations were translated in real-time by an interpreter. Delegates had opportunities to share comments and ask questions about research and related efforts within Scripps and CW3E.

Alden, Osborne, and the Zhejiang delegation touring the Scripps Pier. An additional invited guest, Nathan James (senior software engineer visiting from NASA Goddard), joined for the tour. (PC: Dept. of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province, UC San Diego).