CW3E Visiting Researcher Honored at California Extreme Precipitation Symposium

July 21, 2020

The 26th Annual California Extreme Precipitation Symposium (CEPSYM), a Floodplain Management Association project, was held this year on June 30, 2020, virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. Since 2018, CW3E has partnered with CEPSYM to organize the Southwest Extreme Precipitation Symposium, whose purpose is to advance understanding of the causes of and processes within extreme precipitation in the southwest region of North America. This year’s CEPSYM theme was Connecting Rain-on-Snow Events, Atmospheric Rivers, and Floods. Slides from all presentations are available at:

Each year since 2004, a Special Recognition Award is presented to “highlight and honor the outstanding contributions of individuals and institutions that have supported and advanced the professions of meteorology, flood hydrology, and flood risk management. These professions share the public safety goal of protecting life and property from the ravages of flooding. Together these professionals provide the tools, information, and knowledge essential for forecasting flood events before they occur, estimating potential flood magnitudes and impacts used in designing flood risk reduction projects, and responding to floods when they occur. Each honoree contributed to making the people of California safer from flood events over their many years of service.” This year, that award was given to CW3E Visiting Researcher Dr. Michael Dettinger. More details are available on the California Extreme Precipitation Symposium website:

The award presented to Mike Dettinger at the 2020 California Extreme Precipitation Symposium.