CW3E Visits the Wrigley Marine Science Center

September 6, 2022

CW3E staff Dr. Anna Wilson (Field Research Manager), Benjamin Downing (Field Researcher), and Peter Yao (Research Data Analyst) visited Wrigley Marine Science Center on August 8, 2022 to deliver a guest lecture to a University of Southern California (USC) class led by Dr. Scott Applebaum on Water and Soil Sustainability. Anna reviewed Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations, focusing on the viability assessment of implementing FIRO for Prado Dam operations, and how observations such as those taken on Catalina Island support this effort. Benjamin went into detail on the objectives behind the current effort to add 5 soil moisture and surface meteorology stations within the Santa Ana, including the watershed analysis and siting process. Peter discussed the Radar Meteorology (RADMet) station with a focus on data collection, processing, and usage from the Micro Rain Radar (MRR). The USC students were really engaged and asked lots of great questions. The group then walked up to the RADMet station and were introduced to all the instruments in person, as well as the electronics in the enclosures.

CW3E is grateful to partner with Orange County Water District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and other collaborators on FIRO at Prado Dam, and is grateful for our relationship with Wrigley Marine Science Center professors, students, staff, and visitors. We look forward to continued engagement.