CW3E Welcomes Dr. Zhiqi Yang

April 3, 2023

Zhiqi Yang joined CW3E’s subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) team as a Postdoctoral Scholar in April 2023. She graduated with a Ph.D. from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Iowa in 2021. Prior to CW3E, her research focused on extreme precipitation, climate change, numerical climate modeling (WRF-CHEM), developing and maintaining the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) seasonal forecast system, and evaluating seasonal forecasted TCs activities.

At CW3E, Zhiqi’s research interests are centered on enhancing the deterministic and probabilistic S2S prediction of weather parameters, particularly precipitation and atmospheric river (AR)-related parameters, over the western United States. She aims to develop an innovative experimental S2S forecast product that will greatly benefit water management in the region. Zhiqi is also keenly interested in exploring diverse research topics such as extreme weather, climate change, hydrometeorology, and Tropical cyclones (TCs)!