CW3E Welcomes Joseph Bursey

March 28, 2023

Joseph Bursey joined CW3E as a research project manager in March 2023. He received his BS in Biology from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC and then became manager for a plankton ecology research lab at NC State. Here, Joseph went on to also earn his Masters in Marine Science (2016) with research focusing on seasonal differences plankton in biodiversity, trophic cascades, and carbon energy transfer to upper trophic levels. Essentially who’s there seasonally, who’s eating who, and carbon energy movement through the food web in Bogue Sound, North Carolina.

After completing his masters degree, he became facility manager for an aquaculture research lab at NC State. Here, he worked on numerous larvae culture rearing projects with the scope to reduce overfishing by providing sustainable alternatives. He worked with PIs to meet their research needs at the facility and handled all facility maintenance and repairs. From here, he traveled across the country to become hatchery manager for a fish enhancement program at Hubbs Seaworld, San Diego where he managed a team to spawn and release thousands of fish.

Joseph is an avid wildlife photographer and musician and has a deep personal interest in mitigating human impacts on the environment. He has long aspired to join the Scripps Institution of Oceanographer to further his goal at a like-minded organization.

His role at CW3E will be serving as research project manager to help support Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations (FIRO). He looks forward to bringing his varied experience, managerial skills, and passion to CW3E research efforts to enhance CW3E’s ability to provide 21st Century water cycle science, technology and outreach to support effective policies and practices that address the impacts of extreme weather and water events on the environment, people and the economy of Western North America.