CW3E Welcomes Ellen Knappe

October 19, 2022

El Knappe joined CW3E as the land-based field research lead in October 2022. El has been involved with CW3E since 2020, when she started as a joint postdoc with IGPP working with Adrian Borsa. Her postdoc was research focused on measuring earth deformation due to hydrologic loading and using geodetic timeseries as an independent measure of hydrologic storage in mountainous watersheds. Prior to SIO, she received her BA in geophysics from UC Berkeley and earned her PhD in geophysics at the University of Montana. Throughout her career, El has had the opportunity to do fieldwork across the globe, and has developed an affinity for field planning and complex logistics. She has designed, installed, and maintained networks of stations in Kenya, Nepal, Ethiopia and in remote watersheds across the western US. As part of her research at SIO, she installed the first dedicated networks of GPS stations to monitor hydrologic loading in mountainous watersheds of California, Idaho, and Montana. El is excited to transition onto the field team where she will be managing the land-based field research and observations.