January 14, 2020: Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations Town Hall Held at the American Meteorological Society 100th Annual Meeting

December 23, 2019: CW3E Graduate Student Speaks at Instituto Dom Luiz in Portugal

November 12, 2019: CW3E Post-Event Summary: Upper Colorado River Basin October Snowfall

November 12, 2019: CW3E Personnel Greet Delegation Visiting from China

November 5, 2019: CW3E Post-Event Summary: 27-30 October 2019

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July 25, 2019: CW3E Welcomes Carly Ellis

June 26, 2019: CW3E Participates in U.S. State Department-sponsored Foreign Ambassador Visit

May 31, 2019: CW3E Graduate Student Returns as an Alumnus for the Rocky Mountain Science and Sustainability Network Summer Academy

May 31, 2019: CW3E Graduate Student presents at Workshop on Correlated Extremes

April 25, 2019: CW3E Participates in UP Summit

November 8, 2018: Water Year 2019: October Atmospheric Rivers

September 17, 2018: CW3E Graduate Student Selected for a NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Internship

August 24, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Assessment of Numerical Weather Prediction Model Reforecasts of the Occurrence, Intensity, and Location of Atmospheric Rivers along the West Coast of North America

August 16, 2018: CW3E Publication Notice: Historical and Future Relationship Between Large Storms and Droughts in California